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Looking for 3D laser scanning services?


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Southeast 3D Scanning is a partnership combining global expertise with local experience to bring world class 3D laser scanning to Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

Why South East 3D Scanning?

We combine global expertise with local Southern experience to offer you the highest quality scanning and modeling possible.  Our team is professional and experienced yet down to earth, local and customer oriented.

South East 3D Scanning is a partnership between Precise Land Services, LLC, a regional survey expert with more than 20 years experience in the South, and ArenaCAD USA, a global leader is SCAN-TO-BIM modelling, based in Hartford, CT but with  Together we provide for a full range of services from estimation and consultation to conducting the physical scan and creating the BIM in whatever format is right for you (AutoCAD, Revit,…)

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Whom do I contract with?

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South East 3D Scanning is a marketing-promotion partnership to help us reach together the most people in the Southern States.  We are not a separate legal entity.  We have a common request form, common email, and common phone number.

In most cases, you will contract with Clay Beckwith at Precise Land Services, LLC, because he will physically be on site.

Submit a request, email or call directly for a sample, quote, or just an initial conversation!

Phone: (860) 341 8702 Ext 2


Our Story

Southeast 3D Scanning grew from a good working relationship between Clay Beckwith and ArenaCAD USA.  Clay is an experienced surveyor based in Carrollton, Mississippi, and ArenaCAD USA provides processing services on point clouds for American survey companies.  Based in Europe, ArenaCAD works across Europe and opened the USA office in 2018.

In 2019 we began working together to bring high quality yet personal service in 3D laser scanning to the Southern States. Clay has all the regional knowledge and ArenaCAD has the global processing experience in 3D scanning.  We share a philosophy focused on quality and customer relationships and in 2020 agreed to jointly promote our services for the South, namely Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee where Clay is licensed and experienced.

Our Partners and Teams



100 Retreat Avenue, Suite 301

Hartford, CT 06106


Chris Ball




Andrei Oros

Technical Director


Precise Land Services, LLC

Precise Land Services, LLC

576 County Road 316,
PO Box 91
Carrollton, Mississippi 38917.

Clay Beckwith 2.jpg

Clay Beckwith, Surveyor, Owner

About ArenaCAD USA, LLC...


ArenaCAD USA focuses exclusively on processing on point clouds for 3D survey companies.  Our motto is "You scan, we do the rest."

Working with ArenaCAD you get an experienced partner to handle all your point cloud processing needs.  When you do the scanning and let us do the rest, you save time to focus on what you do best in surveying and growing your business.  Having our high quality and experienced team at your disposal saves you money and reduces risk.

Our team is reliable, professional and always available to you when you need us. 


Our European team handles your processing and is experienced both in surveying and processing.  Our expertise is your expertise. We provide free guidance and consulting on 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling for our clients because your success is our success.  We are experts in TopoDOT, Revit, and AutoCAD but can work in any environment you need.

About Precise Land Services, LLC...


Our firm has a proven track record and has established itself as a premiere land services company in Mississippi.

Precise Land Services, LLC, is a premiere land services company in Mississippi providing. 


A full service company with consulting available for all your land development needs, we provide quality service and technical excellence at price points designed to meet budgets in any economy.

Our service extends to

  • owners,

  • lenders,

  • title companies,

  • real estate investment firms,

  • commercial brokers,

  • architects,

  • engineers,

  • contractors, and

  • developers. 

Whether your project requires surveying, site clearing or landscaping for a new major commercial landmark or residential site, we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to get your project successfully completed on time.

Our Services include:

  • AsBuilt Surveys

  • 3D scanning/modeling for historical preservation

  • AsBuilt for pre-intermediate-post construction sites

  • Control Surveys

  • Floor flatness and levelness analysis

  • Quantity Surveys

  • Site monitoring.

  • Structural design

  • Topographical Surveys


Our Services are Ideal for:

  • Architectural firms

  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

  • Commercial Sites

  • Construction companies

  • Design engineering firms

  • Electrical and utilities companies

  • Environmental engineering firms

  • Health Care facilities

  • Historical/heritage foundations and organizations

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Manufacturing and Assembly Facilities

  • Oil and gas facilities and pipelines

  • Overhead Clearances

  • Power Plants, Process Plants and Refineries

  • Residential houses for preservation, refurbishing or development

  • Schools for preservation and site planning

  • Stadiums, Arenas and Theatres

  • Telecommunications

  • Universities for preservation and site planning

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

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