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Alumni weekend

12:00 Saturday
June 15



Please follow link below to register for the alumni weekend in Etyek! Attendees are kindly requested to pay at the door upon arrival. 

Cost per person is estimated to be around $100.


9:50 AM

Meet Chris at meeting point - Fővám Tér Metro station.
Locals can join or travel independently.

10:00 AM


Take Metro line 4 to Kelenföldi vasútállomás (final stop).
Leave the underground towards Etele plaza.

Take Bus 760 at 10:40 towards Etyek (Bicske)
Get off at Etyek, Boti úti kiskertek bus stop.


12:00 PM



A gourmet appetizer platter featuring an exquisite selection of various hams, sausages, salamis, accompanied by rich sour cream and freshly baked artisan bread.


1:00 PM


Rókusfalvy Birtok

 Exclusive wine tasting experience at Rókusfalvy Estate - beginning with a guided tour through the vineyards and cellar, culminating in a sophisticated tasting of six exquisite wines on the elevated sparkling terrace.

2:30 PM



 Culinary odyssey at Sonákmester, where each dish is a masterpiece crafted with precision and passion. 


3:30 PM

Etyek wine road

 Following lunch, delve deeper into the world of Etyek wines exploring the wine route. with the possibility of acquiring bespoke gifts, marking the end of a truly fulfilling journey.


Back to Budapest

Bus schedule: 

5:47 PM, 6:47 PM, 7:47 PM, 8:47 PM, Last bus at 9:47 PM

Get off at Kelenföldi vasútállomás (final stop)

Take Metro line 4 towards Keleti Pályaudvar

Past alumni weekend gallery 

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