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CEENET Launches ArenaCAD USA

CEENET is proud to announce the launch of ArenaCAD USA in April 2018!

ArenaCAD USA provides 3D engineering processing and modelling for companies using 3D scanning in the fields of all surveying, civil engineering, and architectural design or refurbishment. The USA headquarters are in Hartford, Connecticut.

Brief case study

The owners of ArenaCAD ( in Romania met CEENET at an event in Rasnov, Romania in summer 2016. CEENET was not accepting new clients until December 2017 and in December 2017, we agreed on a launch in 2018.

For the first months, CEENET provided basic market research and guided ArenaCAD on the right strategy for launching in the USA. This took a lot of work and regular communication with the client. CEENET in this case served almost like the American arm for the client directly, discussing all our market research together, working together on business intelligence gathering, and agreeing on the appropriate next steps along the way. Finally, our focus was on determining the best go-to-market strategy based on the client's interests, needs, and resources.

In addition to basic consulting services, CEENET acted on the client's behalf to find, secure and open an office, contract a bookkeeper and office manager, and open ArenaCAD USA's local bank accounts. This was much easier because this deal was done as a joint venture with CEENET. That turns out to be very important since foreign companies are otherwise limited in opening bank accounts and establishing themselves in the USA since they aren't US citizens.

Pricing and Total Cost to the Client

A launch of this size would normally cost approximately 5 000 - 10 000 USD per month. This includes CEENET's monthly retainer, all legal expenses and all initial office setup expenses (office, bank account, bookkeeper, office manager, etc.). In exchange for equity and a bonus on the first US contract, we could reduce that by about half.

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